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Anonymous said:
Can I please hear examples of how Finn is a good guy? I really want to like him and hear other people's opinions but all I've seen is everything he's done wrong. Does what he's done right outweigh all the stuff he's done really wrong? (and please don't say he's done nothing wrong, every character has been an asshole one way or another)

Of course he has done things wrong! like you said, every character has.

First there is what Finn did on the 3rd season finale. I mean… he LOVES Rachel that much that he let her go!! to follow her dreams without him! And what about what happened at the prom? and well, almost all season three was about Finn being good…

Before, at season 1 and 2, yes, he messed up sometimes but also did Rachel remember? and do you remember how he fought to get her back? and how he wrote ‘Pretending’ for her at Nationals? and there are so many things more I could do this for days haha.

I hope I answered your question! :)

PS: sorry for answering this late, I did not see this question before sorry :( 

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Anonymous said:
I actually love Faberry and don't support Finchel, but I don't hate on Finchel or something like that. What I want to say is: Sorry for the hate, if you like Finchel is fine, and you have the right to ship whatever you like; and please don't hate on Faberry/other pairings because most of us don't hate on other ships, even when our tag is corrupted on hate. Have a good day =)

I totally agree with you and I don’t hate Faberry! I just don’t support it like you don’t support Finchel :P

And about the tag… I know, but what I love is that some people like you aren’t that stupid to post fictional pairings-hate stuff you know? I don’t know why some people do that…

So… nice to “meet” you! haha

And have a good day too! :)

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Anonymous said:
I'm sorry but i can think of many better boyfriends. Mike, Sam, even fucking Artie was better than that.

Why ‘even fucking Artie’ ? Artie is amazing! As much as Sam, Mike and every guy on glee! I don’t say that they are not amazing boyfriends… If you hate Finn is ok, it’s your opinion but I don’t really give a fuck. Sorry but I’m not sorry.

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